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1.Characteristics and Advantages:

1.1.The advanced sonic technology, vibration frequency can reach 31000-40000 times per minute..

1.2.The advanced electronic control and magnetoelectricity drive system, magnetic and strong decontamination functions, can infiltrate into the areas ordinary toothbrush can't reach.

1.3. Three working modes (Clean, Whiten, Massage), LED indicator will be on with corresponding model when working. (LED lights is blue)

1.4. Two-minute smart timing function, in accord with the best brushing time dental experts recommend.

1.5. 30- second intelligent area reminder, cleans four oral parts uniformly, and helps to keep a good habit of brushing teeth.

1.6. Inductive wireless charging high-tech technology design, built-in environmental Ni-MH batteries, which are safe, reliable, fast charging. Inductive charging starts working when toothbrush was put into the charger. LED indicator is on when charging. It must be charged for 24 hours for the first time, which can be used for 80 minutes after fully charging.

1.7. After the experimental certification, it can reach IPX7 high level waterproof, security, no need to worry about leaking electric shock.

1.8. The charger is equipped with start-up light to remind you it can be charged.

2. Spec:

Handle parts:Battery: 3.6V*1PCS  700 mAH Li-ion battery (can be use for 80 minutes after charging)

Rated voltage: 3.6 V

charger part:Rated input voltage: AC100 ~ 240 V   Frequency: 50/60 Hz          

Charging indicator light: 3 MM Red LED  

Working current: 5 mA ~ 18

Product material: ABS, TPE, PC, Dupont bristle

Product color: white or custom

Product size:Handle:32(L)×31(W)×247(H)mm

             Charging :80(L)×90(W)×38(H)mm

Gift box size::240mm(L)×160(W)×65(H)

Through certification:CE、ROHS、GB4706.1、GB4706.59、IEC60335

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